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• 7/5/2018

English Interface - where is it? How do I open it?

As the title says, I do not know where or how to access the CeVIO english interface as of 6.1/IA English C's release.
If anyone could help out, I would be very greatful.
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• 5/12/2018

What does this mean?

What does the text mean? I dont know japanese so some help would be nice :[
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 1/9/2016

i cant get CeVIO to open

Please Help I can't even get cevio to open let alone use it. I've looked all over and it seems nobosy has the same problem as me
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• 12/11/2015

ALYS for Alter/Ego

In later news, the character voice known as ALYS will not be released for CeVIO.
This means the page for her will be removed from this wiki along with the Vocaloid wiki as the direction of the character has gone in a completely different direction. I may be able to archive the page for history reasons, however.
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• 10/7/2015

Does Vector.co.jp take PayPal?

I don't have a Japanese bank account and I want to buy CeVIO voices, but I do have a PayPal and PayPal allows for currency conversion. Does Vector.co.jp (The site CeVIO's official website links to for purchasing CeVIO/CeVIO Voices) take PayPal? I want to know before I convert the money in my account to Yen so that way I'm not left with a bunch of Yen in my account that I can't do anything with ('Cause I usually just pay for everything in my country's currency.).
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• 10/7/2015

I feel really guilty for shipping Ginsaki Yamato x Kizaki Airi.

Considering Yamato is 50 and Airi is 18, I'm pretty sure I should feel guilty for shipping it.
Their voices just work really well together (at least, to me), I guess.
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• 8/9/2015

Imported templates and new categories

August 8, 2015

Template:Vlogo‎ (uses character thumbnail instead)
Template:Music featuring Cevio category
Category:Examples of usage templates‎
Category:Assorted songs by CeVIO‎
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• 7/26/2015

Hello (admin)

Sorry for being gone for a month, I am currently trying to balance out working on about three wikis I am active on. My primary requires a lot of attention.
If there has been any CEVIO news, feel free to post it in this forum, but make sure it relates specifically to the software and company it comes from.
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• 5/4/2015

Can you ban this person?

They left me a message telling me to die.
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• 4/12/2015

We have a Cevio fangroup on deviantart. :3

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• 4/11/2015

Kizaki Airi and Shirosaki Yuudai's Designs Accidentally Revealed

Kizaki Airi and Shirosaki Yuudai's designs have been revealed because of JOYSOUND not realising that putting an unlisted video in a playlist shows it. ww

【CeVIO Color Voice Series】デュエット紹介動画
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• 3/27/2015

Talk:Kinzaki Koharu

Discussion for Kinzaki Koharu. This is redirected from Talk:Kinzaki Koharu
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• 3/27/2015

Talk:Ginsaki Yamato

Discussion for Ginsaki Yamato. This is redirected from Talk:Ginsaki Yamato
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• 3/27/2015

Talk:Midorizaki Kasumi

Discussion for Midorizaki Kasumi. This is redirected from Talk:Midorizaki Kasumi
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• 3/27/2015

Talk:Akasaki Minato

Discussion for Akasaki Minato. This is redirected from Talk:Akasaki Minato
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• 3/27/2015

Kinzaki Koharu - A topic for gathering information and translating content.

This will be a topic for Kinzaki Koharu; the woman in yellow.
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• 3/27/2015

Ginsaki Yamato - A topic for gathering information and translating content.

This will be a topic for Ginsaki Yamato; the man in gray.
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• 3/27/2015

Midorizaki Kasumi - A topic for gathering information and translating content.

This will be a topic for Midorizaki Kasumi; the girl in green.
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• 3/27/2015

Akasaki Minato - A topic for gathering information and translating content.

This will be a topic for Akasaki Minato; the boy in red.
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