These are templates that use the {{Derivatives(x4)}} template in order for audio examples to be seen in a CeVIO's 'Examples of Usage' section.

Adding links isn't complicated, but please use Preview before Publishing your edits. And also read the page on examples section before making any attempts at adding links. No more then 4 songs max please in this section, please leave explanation as to why it should be used over other songs! Songs chosen should be by 4 different producers in 4 different styles/approaches, do NOT use demonstration songs.

[[Template:CeVIO's NAME/eou]]

And remember to categorize by adding this to the template

{{navbar|CeVIO's NAME/eou#|plain=1|notalk=yes}}


|1nnd_id = 
|1yt_id  = 
|1singer = 
|1author = 
|1category = 
  |1title  = 
  |1romaji (english) = 
  |1description = 

|2nnd_id = 
|2yt_id  = 
|2singer = 
|2author = 
|2category = 
 |2title   = 
 |2romaji (english) = 
 |2description = 

|3nnd_id = 
|3yt_id  = 
|3singer = 
|3author = 
|3category = 
 |3title   = 
 |3romaji (english) = 
 |3description = 

|4nnd_id = 
|4yt_id  = 
|4singer = 
|4author = 
|4category = 
 |4title   = 
 |4romaji (english) = 
 |4description = 
|vcolor = name}}
<noinclude>[[Category:Examples of usage templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

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