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About CeVIO Wiki

Welcome to the unofficial CeVIO Wiki, a wikia set up to cover the software CeVIO Creative Studio and related entities. The software covers speech and singing.

Important: We are looking for translators. Currently due to this issue we can only put up limited information on certain subjects, things which are considered relatively easy to translate. This leaves some areas of information incomplete. When a translator is found, more detailed information will be added to the wiki.

(See) Board:General Discussion

We apologize to readers for the inconvenience.

 !  Since CeVIO is relatively new to the synthesizer market, this wiki will have 'very little' content updates. It could be up to a year before it will gain momentum regarding the software and its character. Until then, if there is any information about the various derivative programs feel free to use the Forums to attempt article expansion.
Thank you

Important Links:

CeVIO lineup

This section is a 'Work in Progress', and is subject to changes.

Who is your favorite CeVIO character?

The poll was created at 01:38 on October 24, 2016, and so far 16 people voted.

See Thread:2488 for former poll.


The poll was created at 17:54 on January 24, 2015, and so far 151 people voted.


 ©  CeVIO and all related titles, logos, images and characters are ™ and © of CeVIO Project. 2012–2014.

All Rights Reserved. Original Presentation 2012–2014 CeVIO Project. The images, text, and names etc. are used for non-profit informational purposes and all copyrighted images are attributed to their authors.


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  • discussion page Talk:ONE
    new comment by A Fandom user
    Comment: I like ONE but I LIKE IA more than her. but among all the CEVIOs, ONE is the best.
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    Summary: Additional information: This is to show people how to activate, cause if you don't change your time zone HAL-O-ROID won't show up at all, cevio has told me to change the time zone, and they mentioned an update for him
  • discussion page Talk:ONE
    new comment by PrincessDaisyFan99
    Comment: I Ship Her With Flowey The Flower
  • discussion page Talk:ONE
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    Comment: 【ONE】 sister's noise 【Cover】 【ONE】 Reversible Campaign 【CeVIOカバー】
  • discussion page Talk:HAL-O-ROID
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    Comment: Oh cool, another cevio. Found him from this original: 
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    Summary: Voicebank Libraries:
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  • discussion page Talk:HAL-O-ROID
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    Comment: Dammit, nobody Bunai, nobody gave you permission to fall asleep! XD
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    Comment: oh, okay. ^_^ I was wondering what was going on with the activity here.
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    Summary: Minor grammar fixes

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