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HAL-O-ROID (ハルオロイド・ミナミ) is a free singer for CeVIO based on the voice of deceased Enka singer Haruo Minami.


He was released on 20, October 2016 for download, with no previous announcements made in regards to his upcoming vocal. His provider gained a lot of respect and a good reputation for his well treatment of his audience, and was known to treat them as "God". He believed that their word was correct and that a dissatisfied audience was to his own fault and not theirs. This gained him quite a following, and he became a national singer over time.


Similar in nature to Vocaloid vocals " Ueki-loid" and " hide" he is an attempt to resurrect the voice of a dead singer, though is the first to be offered as a public product instead of a private project.

According to his profile his favorite food is rice and he likes all genres of music.


"HAL-O-ROID" is a literal meaning meant to mean "Haruo droid", with "HAL-O" playing on the vowel sound of "uo" and the interchangeable nature of "l/r" in Japanese.

It is also a reference to the common use of "roid" or "loid" for "android" within vocal synthesizers, as made famous by the software "Vocaloid" (whose own name means "vocal-android" and also a play on the interchangeable nature of "l/r").


His provider is renowned for his appearance on stage in a kimono, which was rarely seen for male singers, making him stand out. This has been carried over into the CeVIO avatar.


Work in Progress

Product InformationEdit


Work in Progress


Test 1
Test 2

Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Genre: enka  Tempo: Unannounced  Range: A2 ~ E4
Basic details
Released 'currently unknown' by XING Inc. this voicebank's stable release is CeVIO Creative Studio S Free.
  • Users will need the full version of the software to be able to use the voicebank.
    • To be able to activate and use HAL-O-ROID, users must change their time zone to (UTC+09:00) Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo
  • It operates on Microsoft Windows.
  • The purpose is Vocalizing and Singing.
Language as noted:
  • This voicebank was recorded for the Japanese language.
  • There is a single voicebank that is suitable for enka.
Software issues as noted:
  • There are reports of low quality issues.
  • This is due to the samples not being recorded specifically for the synthesizer.
  • Furthermore, there may be an absence of a sound sample or inconsistencies caused by the samples differing greatly in tone.
Voicebank sample

Work in Progress - Audio.ogg


Work in Progress

Examples of UsageEdit

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