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2012 Edit

The original IA voicebank was developed for the VOCALOID singing synthesiser software, and was in the Japanese language. It was released in January 2012 for the VOCALOID3 engine


During an interview, 1st Place's CEO stated that an English voicebank for IA was something they wanted to try. However, they wouldn't release it if they didn't think they were able to deliver high enough quality.[1]


In late June, a questionnaire titled "This is a questionnaire about virtual artist, IA. And Japanese Anime & Character culture" featured a question asking if the participant had used IA. This was then followed by a question asking if they would try her if there was an English version.[2]

On July 1, the English voicebank was revealed to be in development through a Weibo comment stack.[3] A tweet also mentioned that IA English and a talking CeVIO Creative Studio voicebank were being developed.[4] However, 1st Place later denied the claims of a CeVIO talk bank. They stated that they would only release the speaking voicebank if it was deemed high enough quality and that the engine was not confirmed.[5]


On March 10, 2018, 1st Place revealed a crossfade for an upcoming album called IA/04. Some of the songs featured IA singing in English, confirming a new bank in production. However, it was not clarified what voice synthesizer this voicebank was developed for.[6][7] On March 11, Lia, IA's voice provider, acknowledged the new voicebank and tagged her post with "#englishvocaloid" which implied that this voicebank was to be developed for VOCALOID.[8] On March 12, Lia later retracted her previous tweet regarding what voice synthesizer IA English was running on, noting that she was unable to announce any further information.[9]

On March 28, it was found in the song credits for "Conqueror" that IA English was programmed for CeVIO.[10]

On June 22, it was revealed on 1st Place's website that IA English would be released under the name "IA ENGLISH C" for CeVIO 6.1 on June 29. It was also revealed that IA ENGLISH C would be released with two separate voices, "Natural" and "Powerful."[11]


IA is the first vocal in the "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -" project.[12]

The design philosophy 1st Place worked toward was to make the voice simple and straightforward but easy to adjust and customize, letting creators create their own version of IA.[13]


"IA" is taken from her voice provider's name, "Lia".

There are at least two ways to read her projects name of "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -":

  • The words "Aria" and "Planetes" are Latin and Greek for "open space" and "planet" respectively, giving the translation of "Open Space on the Planet".
  • "Aria", is also the Italian word for "air" and is used as a term in opera for expressive pieces, usually sung by a single singer. This also fits in with her more opera-esque vocal results compared to other released Japanese VOCALOIDs.

When she was first released, overseas fans often mistook "Aria" as the name of the VOCALOID.


Her design was illustrated by Aka Akasaka (D. Z.), while the design direction was by Maxilla Inc.[14] It was decided that they would go for soft colours instead of Vivid ones. At the time, there was skepticism towards avoiding vivid colours as there was a fear of her not selling because of the softer tones. Lia herself wanted her to be cute and pretty and was satisfied the first time she was shown the artwork.[15]

Despite the myth of IA's age being 15, she has had no age assigned to her. This myth seems to originate from a section underneath the paragraph on IA about her provider Lia, wherein one of the first things mentioned was that Lia debuted in America at 15 years old.

In IA 6th and ONE 3rd anniversary special talk live it was revealed that IA is 155 cm tall.


  • IA; IA's Japanese VOCALOID3 Voicebanks; IA and IA ROCKS.
  • ONE; is a vocal created for CeVIO able to talk as well as sing. She is the second vocal in the "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -" project.

Product InformationEdit


Work in Progress


01. STAY GOLD[16] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
02. Conqueror[17] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
03. 絶対領域[18] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
04. LIFE LOVE PEACE[19] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
STAY GOLD[20] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
Conqueror SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
LIFE LOVE PEACE SoundCloud SoundCloud embed

Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Tempo: Unannounced  Range: Unannounced
Basic details
Released ' to be determined ' by 1st PLACE this voicebank's stable release is CeVIO Creative Studio S.
  • It operates on Microsoft Windows 8.1 and higher (Japanese PC only)
  • The purpose is Text to Speech and also Vocalizing and Singing.
Language as noted:
  • This voicebank was recorded for the English language.
Software issues as noted:
  • Work in Progress
Voicebank sample

IA Powerful

IA powerful

IA Natural

IA Natural


  • Supported OS: Windows 8.1 Japanese version (32 / 64bit) / Windows 8 Japanese version (32 / 64bit)

Windows 7 Japanese version (32 / 64bit SP1) / Windows Vista Japanese version (32 / 64bit SP2)

  • Memory: 2GB or more ※ or more recommended 4GB.
  • HDD: 300MB or more of free space (for installation) ※ recommended 1GB or more of free space.
  • Display: 1280 x 720 or more full-color
  • Other: requires Windows compatible sound device to audio playback.
For activation and updates, must have an Internet connection environment.
1 can be used on a single PC per license.

Examples of UsageEdit

Spider on the Wall
Romaji/English Spider on the Wall
Featuring IA
Author(s) GHOST (music, lyrics)
Category Original song
I thought I was an angel
Romaji/English Tenshi da to Omotteita no ni
Featuring IA
Author(s) Applemint (cover, English lyrics)
Category Cover song
Thumbnail default
Thumbnail default


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