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ONE (オネ) is a Japanese CeVIO Creative Studio voice bank developed and distributed by 1st PLACE | IA PROJECT.

Her voice provider is called ONE.


She is the first CeVIO released by a 3rd party developer/publisher. She was introduced on January 24, 2015, during the "IA Special Anniversary Livestream" event.[1] On March 27, demos for her singing voicebank were released and it was announced that this voicebank would release on May 22, 2015.

In January 2015, she was introduced on 1st PLACE's CeVIO software page. The official 3D model was slated for free download on February 6 and it was created for the MikuMikuDance (MMD) program. She was made by mqdl, a 3D modeler.

To demonstrate her narration skills, she quoted humorous text featured with "Reaction Images"[2] that are uploaded to the website.


ONE is the second installment in the "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -" project.[3]


Her name is pronounced as "Oh-Neh"


To match with her older sister, IA, ONE carries the "sexy punk look." Her hair on the front is rather short with a orange tint on the ends, with some hair spreading out on the top. Like IA's two braids on her side, ONE has a matching braid for the bottom. She has a "sporty" look with a white top under a orange zipper-up tank top. ONE has what it looks like being a skirt like shorts with a messy white belt. On her left leg, there is a tattoo, with the same being on both sides, being black and orange. ONE right leg has a long black sock with the other side having a under-knee black sock with 3 white lines going across. Her shoe looks like hiking shoes, with a orange touch with black laces. On the the front of ONE's shoes are black, with the bottom being orange.


  • IA, a VOCALOID3 vocal by 1stPLACE and the first installment in the "- ARIA ON THE PLANETES -" project.

Product InformationEdit


Speaking test & Original song

01 ナレーション1 [Narēshon1 (Narration 1)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
02 ナレーション2 [Narēshon2 (Narration 2)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
03 ナレーション3 [Narēshon3 (Narration 3)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
04 ポエトリーリーディング [Poetorīrīdingu (Poetry Reading)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
05 ラップ [Rappu (Rap)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
06 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 1 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 1 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 1)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
07 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 2 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 2 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 2)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
08 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 3 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 3 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 3)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
09 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 4 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 4 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 4)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
10 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 5 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 5 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 5)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
11 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 6 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 6 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 6)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
12 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 7 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 7 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 7)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
13 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 8 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 8 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 8)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
14 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 9 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 9 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 9)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
15 ONE×ボケて コラボボイス 10 [ONE x Bokete Koraboboisu 10 (ONE x bokete collaboration Voice 10)] SoundCloud SoundCloud embed
春風散歩/ゴボウメン YouTube
遅いよ王子様! YouTube

Voicebank LibrariesEdit

Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Tempo: Unannounced  Range: Unannounced
Basic details
Released January 27, 2015 by 1st PLACE this voicebank's stable release is CeVIO Creative Studio S.
  • On May 22, 2015 the vocal voicebank was released.
  • It operates on Microsoft Windows 8.1 and higher (Japanese PC only)
  • The purpose is Text to Speech and also Vocalizing and Singing.
Language as noted:
  • These voicebanks were recorded for the Japanese language.
Software issues as noted:
  • Work in Progress
Voicebank sample


  • Supported OS: Windows 8.1 Japanese version (32 / 64bit) / Windows 8 Japanese version (32 / 64bit)

Windows 7 Japanese version (32 / 64bit SP1) / Windows Vista Japanese version (32 / 64bit SP2)

  • Memory: 2GB or more ※ or more recommended 4GB.
  • HDD: 200MB or more of free space (for installation) ※ recommended 1GB or more of free space.
  • Display: 1280 x 720 or more full-color
  • Other: requires Windows compatible sound device to audio playback.
For activation and updates, must have an Internet connection environment.
1 can be used on a single PC per license.
※ The commercial use of this product and synthetic speech might additional license is required.

Examples of UsageEdit

Onegai Darling
Romaji/English Onegai Darling
Featuring ONE
Author(s) Nanahoshi Kangengakudan
Category Original Song
Romaji/English Pygmalion
Featuring ONE
Author(s) out of service
Category Original Song
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